Fire Safety & Awareness

Fire Safety Awareness

Course aim

Reinforces the need for vigilance on the part of all staff (especially night workers) with regard to common fire safety hazards. Reviews simple precautions which can be taken to minimise risks. When delivered through the Silver Box this course offers a series of refresher courses designed to allow you to train your staff more regularly and help maintain your compliance.

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise the importance of fire safety.
  • Understand how fires can be prevented.
  • Identify the types of emergency equipment and its uses.
  • Understand the need for formal and informed risk assessments.
  • Recognise their role in fire safety.

Course content

  • The importance of fire safety.
  • Identifying hazards.
  • Introducing controls.
  • Fire prevention.
  • Emergency equipment.


Fire Safety Refresher

As part of the Silver Box Fire Safety & Awareness course we provide numerous refresher courses that will allow your staff to maintain their competence and awareness of the hazards and responsibilities.  For more details of how these refresher courses will help you and your staff to reduce the risk of Fire, please contact our office today.

Course time

Face-to-face: 3 Hours
e-learning: 1 Hour 10 Mins

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Delivery styles available

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