Activity Planning

Activity Planning

Course aim

Engaging in purposeful and meaningful activity enhances and enriches our life and the motivation to do it does not generally diminish as we get older. However the common effects of aging, such as reduced vision and hearing and conditions such as arthritis, dementia and learning disabilities can mean our ability to participate in these activities in the same way as we used to, may be reduced. In this Activity Planning Manual we aim to help you to plan activities that meet the needs and interests of each individual client.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the legislation affecting provision of activities
  • Health and safety aspects of activity planning
  • Understand the importance of activities in day to day routine
  • Recognise how activities enhance all areas of a clients health and welfare
  • Recognise the need for person centred activities

Course content

  • Legislation
  • The importance of activities on health and welfare
  • Health and Safety
  • Activities and day to day routine
  • Person centred activities

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