Being compliant with legislation and standards is of paramount responsibility for anyone working within the care industry and staff training and development relates directly to the Fundamental Standards. If a care organisation uses staff training in the correct way, the positives will be beneficial for the entire organisation, as your staff’s individual abilities and performance has a direct impact on the care provided and will therefore impact on the reputation of the organisation.

First and foremost, care providers do just that, provide the very best level of care they possibly can. Professionally trained, competent and engaged staff will help achieve this goal. Staff training is essential for a care organisation and an ongoing requirement of the inspectorate, however providing the best possible care is much more than ticking boxes to please a CQC or local authority inspector. Productive empowered staff can help your business run more smoothly and reduce the likelihood of accidents, injuries or litigation. And an ongoing training and development programme is likely to enhance progression and increase job satisfaction.

Making the most of your staff training, time and investment is imperative if both the business and the individuals that make up your staff team are going to reap the benefits; benefits which include reduced staff turnover, increased profits and, most importantly, providing continually improving levels of care.

Excessive staff turnover currently plagues the care industry and needlessly wastes care organizations valuable resources. There is the potential to make a huge saving by investing in your workforce from day one.

Training is an excellent opportunity to maximise the investment you make in your staff. Training helps to make them feel valued and engenders a supportive working atmosphere.

Redcrier Training Solutions can work with you, offering you support and giving you access to an extensive range of CPD accredited staff training courses. This will help you and your staff achieve business goals, rather than just meet compliance standards.