Compliance, Reputation and Business Survival

complianceWhen it comes to compliance the focus is usually on satisfying the requirements of the CQC or local authority and getting through the inspection. Certainly, making remedial actions following a poor inspection report is stressful, disruptive and costly, but the damage to your reputation and business can be much further reaching.

We live in a connected world. Bad news always travels faster than good. If people are prepared to visit the internet up to ten times to choose a washing machine, imagine how much research they will do to choose a care provider.

People will go online. They will read reviews. They will look at CQC reports, press coverage and any other source to come to an informed decision. Compliance, inspection reports and ratings aren’t just between you and the body doing the inspection – everything is online and accessible. On a more positive note, an ‘Outstanding’ rating could be your most positive marketing asset.

Fundamental Standards and the Key Lines of Enquiry are intended to be fair indication of whether your provision is safe, effective and professionally run. So compliance is really about proving that service users, family and carers are safe to put their trust in you.

Lose that trust and you are likely to see care home occupancy rates fall. People who pay for their own care will choose to go elsewhere. The improvements you need to make become harder to fund and eventually your provision can become unviable.

The route to compliance, approaching inspections with confidence, and ultimately financial security is through better training. It’s also about adopting a positive culture towards compliance and inspections. Additionally, well trained staff feel more valued and are more loyal. Compliance is easier to manage with a stable workforce.

Make sure that all staff understand what is expected and incorporate good practice and effective record keeping into everything they do. That way compliance doesn’t become a headache or an add-on. It’s how you do things.

To help manage the training your care team needs to achieve and maintain compliance, Redcrier offers three styles of training to suit you: face-to-face, Silver Box and e-learning.  These options offer maximum flexibility to help fit essential training into busy work schedules. To find out more on how Redcrier could help you adopt a positive culture towards compliance and inspections get in touch today on 01823 332200 or visit our homepage to find out more.