When, How and What- The Challenges of Care Sector Training

Is there ever a good time for care staff to take training courses? In the care sector, where resources are stretched, finding time for training can certainly be a challenge.

But sometimes, it isn’t a question of ‘when’ but ‘how.’ New legislation or guidelines, shortcomings identified in an internal audit or CQC inspection, key staff leaving or falling ill – these can all mean that specific training courses may need to be arranged urgently.

Care staff also expect that they will be able to develop their skills and expertise, through tailored courses that match their career plans. Employers that fail to meet this expectation find it harder to hold onto the best people.

The other big challenge can be finding course content that is just right. Circumstances and priorities are not always the same. Sometimes, bespoke courses are needed to fully meet the training need.

Flexibility and Immediacy

What care providers need most of all is flexibility. They want good quality course material available in a variety of formats, including distance learning and e-learning. They can then be responsive to changing operational needs and the personal development aspirations of their staff.

Because of the challenges, Redcrier has developed a wide range of courses available as face to face, e-learning or through the SilverBox Distance Learning System. These options provide the flexibility and immediacy to meet most needs.

Alongside this we have written courses to meet individual circumstances and client needs. This is often the best way to achieve maximum value or address a highly specific training need.

For us it’s a question of making the training fit the care organisation, rather than expecting the care organisation to fit in around the available training.

Training in the social care sector will never be straightforward or easy to manage. A training partner that offers flexibility, bespoke content, and immediate access to high quality training in a variety of formats will help you simplify the task.