Case Study – Aspirations

The business issue

There were three keys issues that needed addressing to meet the training needs required for Aspirations:

  1. As an organisation that had acquired a lot of sites not all of the training standards were the same so there was a need to make the training standardised across all of these sites.
  2. With staff working intensive shift patterns trying to coordinate training sessions at one location with people from multiple sites working different shifts was not a viable option and was not financially possible with the level of investment required if managed internally.
  3. Training was carried out internally which meant there was no accreditation, meaning that providing evidence for inspections was difficult.

A solution was required that meant the training needs could be completed in a more flexible manner but ensuring that everyone across all sites was at the same level and compliant for inspections.

The proposed solution

With the flexibility being a key element of the training, Redcrier were able to offer the Silver Box Distance Learning and eLearning programme, allowing staff to carry out their training around their shift patterns with ease. Redcrier provided a bespoke package at a significantly lower cost compared to managing internally whilst achieving standardised training across all sites. These forms of training provided the best way for staff to enjoy and better excel from the training they are receiving as they can complete the training when they have time and are not tired from long shifts. Using the training materials from Redcrier ensured that all training completed was accredited and so compliant for inspections.

The outcome

“Training within the care industry is vital and inspectors are so prolific, you can’t afford to fall behind. Using the flexible options that are available from Redcrier it is so easy to complete the refresher training utilising either the workbooks or the eLearning. We recently carried out a training audit and identified any gaps that we may have. Using the materials from Redcrier we were then able to fill these gaps quickly and efficiently to ensure we were up to date and compliant and at a far lower level of investment. We run several homes and all of them have been inspected since February 2015, with the backup of an accredited training provider the inspectors were very happy with the training and the accredited certificates, evidencing our standard and compliance. “
Quote from Caroline Huntley, Training Manager, Aspirations