Case Study: Scope


Redcrier has worked with Scope for some time now partnering with them to provide the training solutions that they require for their staff. However, they have recently launched their own internal eLearning programme, so contacted Redcrier to cancel their annual subscriptions with us. But quite a few of their staff within Scope do not get on with their internal IT and felt they would struggle to complete the training using this new platform. So this left them in a predicament as to what was the best way to provide staff training moving forwards.


Redcrier provide different training delivery styles in the form of Face to Face taught courses, Silver Box Distance Learning and eLearning. These different delivery styles can be easily blended and combined to suit different learning and different organisation preferences. This ability to provide blended learning allowed Redcrier to complement Scope’s new internal eLearning programme.  The blended offering allows training to be planned around different individual’s rota, rather than planning a rota around training, which gives you the flexibility to fit training in without it being viewed as a difficult, time consuming activity.


Our delivery styles mean that you can utilise internal training programmes whilst blending other person centred training styles, this in turn creates a better learning experience for your staff. When your staff are more engaged with their learning, knowledge retention will be greater, resulting in care standards being higher.