Case Study: Independent Training Services

The Business Issueelearning

Before the introduction to Redcrier, Independent Training Services (ITS) were focusing on Quality Certificate Framework (QCF which used to be called NVQ’s). But they found this delivery was limiting the type of training that they were offering and when they looked into trying to expand on this delivery it meant investing lots of time and resources that they just didn’t have. ITS wanted a way to expand on their business offering and deliver on a wider spectrum of courses without the high investment. ITS are endorsed by Skills For Care and focus on Apprenticeships and QCF courses. ITS currently interact with approx. 270+ learners every year on a roll on roll off basis. ITS needed to increase flexibility to cater for learner’s requirements on a bespoke basis.


By using the Silver Box courses from Redcrier it allowed ITS to expand on the subjects available to their cohorts and reduce the amount of time and investment in developing courses. This has added extra value to the QCF process and allows staff development to flow from induction (Care Certificate) right through and onto the QCF. The link between the Silver Box courses and how they are mapped to CQF outcomes (where applicable) makes the whole process more efficient. This allowed ITS to expand their offering and boost the learning curve of the participants.


ITS have now been utilising Redcrier for over seven years and now work with a much larger range of staff. They spend less time and money on creating course content and easily work off the updates issued by Redcrier to help with staying compliant. The training has been used to replace stale training methods and get staff engaged in the content.  The courses are delivered in a dynamic class room environment that automatically creates an audit trail and is backed up external verification, which helps to prove learning. The continued support and collaborative approach from Redcrier has allowed ITS to concentrate on their business development and raising standards within care to a greater volume of learners.